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"And so the rally came to an end with thousands of Muslims resolved that they will not vote for apartheid."
c. 1983

Duration: 00:20:31

People: Allan Boesak, Gassan Solomon, Farid Esack

Organizations: United Democratic Front (UDF), Call of Islam

Primary Language(s): English

Description: There is a 3-minute clip of an Allan Boesak's speech. Boesak's full speech is on tape 2 of this series. [00:00:00] The main speaker on this tape is activist and Muslim cleric, Imam Gassan Solomon, a Member of Parliament in 2007. In this speech to men in a mosque (at a Muslim "rally"?), Solomon invites Muslims around the country to boycott the co-optation by the apartheid regime especially as related to the proposed Tricameral Parliament. [00:07:04] Farid Esack, founder of the Call of Islam, a UDF affiliate organization, speaks after Gassan Solomon. Esack implores Muslim community to mobilize against apartheid. [00:09:45] The last segment features footage of Muslim "rally" participants outside of mosque. A male voice-over enumerates resolutions passed during the "rally." [00:18:48]

Part 1 of 2.

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Allan Boesak speaks at UDF rally