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ANC Regional Conference 1990
September 1990
Duration: 00:32:57

People: Joseph Marks, Rose Sonto, Johnny Issel, Dullah Omar, Trevor Manuel

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Footage of an ANC Regional Conference in the Western Cape, including registration and the general caucus, in September 1990. [00:00] Present are Trevor Manuel, anti-apartheid activist and Minister of Finance 1996 - (on the left with beige jacket); Dullah Omar, Muslim anti-apartheid activist and former Minister of both Justice and Transport (on the right with folded arms); and Johnny Issel, Food & Canning Workers Union, organizer of Grassroots, and UDF Western Cape leader (with spectacles, white shirt, and tie. [02:24] Conference delegates sing freedom songs. [05:23] Footage of Joseph (Joe) Marks, former UDF leader (with white beard and folded arms), [08:51] and Rose Sonto, former UDF archivist and current MP (with a maroon cardigan and black polo-neck jersey). [10:06] Footage of the delegates singing and toyi-toying. [11:14]