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"On Friday my mother and our attorney saw my father at Pollsmoor Prison to obtain his answer to Botha's offer of conditional release."
February 21, 1985
February 10, 1985
Duration: 00:20:43

People: Mosiuoa Patrick Lekota, Billy Nair, Zak Yacoob, Albertina Sisulu, Zinzi Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Frank Chikane

Description: Footage of Zak Yacoob (a UDF leader and lawyer) speaking about arrests and trials in Durban. [00:34] Billy Nair (trade unionist and member of Natal Indian Congress, Umkhonto weSizwe, and UDF) is interviewed about his treason trial. [03:36] Footage of a mass meeting at Jabulani Stadium in Soweto on 10 February 1985 at which Zinzi Mandela read her father Nelson Mandela's response to the latest offer of conditional release. [04:12] Desmond Tutu and Mosiuoa Lekota (SASO member, UDF founding member, Robben Island prisoner and current Minister of Defense) are in attendance. [05:20] Mrs. Albertina Sisulu is interviewed. [06:06] Shots of Zinzi Mandela lifted shoulder high and toyi toyi-ing. [08:30] Reverend Frank Chikane, (Member National Executive Committee, former ANC Director-General in the office of the Deputy President, Director-General in office of the President 1999 - ) addressed the crowd. [10:37] Zinzi Mandela reads her father's response. [11:15]