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Protest march and funeral procession
Duration: 00:21:57

People: Christmas Tinto, Nomaindia Mfeketo, Ramakaba Mildred, Bongani Jones

Organizations: African National Congress (ANC ), African National Congress Women's League

Description: Part two of images of police monitoring an Anti-VAT demonstration. The crowd of marchers carries anti-VAT posters and banners from different political organizations.[00:00] Anti-riot police are patrolling the streets next to Cape Town Tax Revenue quarters. [04:46] Footage of a political activist’s funeral in Gugulethu. Nomaindia Mfeketo, former mayor of Cape Town (front right), leads the ANC Women’s League members (in green and black uniforms). [05:39] Christmas Tinto (in a red tie), a former Robben Island prisoner and former MP, is among others leading the funeral procession. [12:16] Ramakaba Mildred, current MP, is also leading the women's group with ANC flag. [12:44] Clip of the funeral gathering at NY 149 Gugulethu soccer stadium. [17:09] Bongani Jones, current chief of Cape Town City Police, is present. [18:21]

Part 2 0f 2.

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