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"We are not allowed to see our dead"
March 22, 1985
Duration: 00:20:47

People: Winnie Mandela, Mosiuoa Patrick Lekota

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Interviews with witnesses and victims in the Eastern Cape concerning police brutality. [00:11] Interview with Mosiuoa Lekota (SASO member, UDF founding member, Robben Island prisoner and current Minister of Defense). [02:30] Footage of police patrols and clashes with youth in Vaal. [03:20] Footage of unrest in Sharpeville Township, including a burning tyre barricade and police patrol. [12:23] Winnie Mandela speaks to an interviewer. [14:05] Footage of burnt roadblocks, human searches, and burnt houses. [14:16] Segment of a rent boycott march and a people’s delegation expresses their grievances. [17:37]