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Protest at Belgravia High School and Allan Boesak speech about organizing against apartheid
Athlone, Cape Town
University of Cape Town, Cape Town
c. 1985

Duration: 00:20:08

People: Allan Boesak, Jeremy Cronin

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Large group of students at Belgravia High School in Atholone hold protest march and symbolic burial. Excerpt of speech by Allan Boesak rejected apartheid reforms and calling for consumer boycotts and other actions. Jeremy Cronin honors Victoria Mxenge and other activists who have been killed by government agents, including reading of poem "The Hangman's Noose" (tape ends before poem is finished.) Cronin served seven-year prison sentence for his work with the South African Communist Party. He also was active with the United Democratic Front in the late 1980s.

Short Clips

Allan Boesak speaks about need to eradicate apartheid 00:02:48
Description: Allan Boesak, a cleric in the Dutch Reformed Church and frequent speaker on behalf of the United Democratic Front, talks about the need to reject reforms of apartheid and to organize consumer boycotts and other actions.