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ANC Report on Negotiations: 2 of 4
Duration: 00:22:24

People: Ruth Mompati, Joe Nhlanhla, Graham Bloch, Steve Tshwete, Thabo Mbeki

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Continued footage of an ANC meeting to report on negotiations. Thabo Mbeki, Deputy President of the new Government of National Unity and President of South Africa, 2000 - , continues speech. [00:00] Graham Bloch, former NUSAS leader and UDF education officer, addresses the meeting. [08:23] Steve Tshwete, former Minister of Sport and Recreation and Minister of Safety and Security, speaks to the gathered. [09:37] Ruth Mompati, member FEDSAW, ANC Women’s League, and ANC NEC and former South African Ambassador to Switzerland, speaks to the meeting. [12:50] Joe Nhlanhla, member ANC NEC and former Minister of Intelligence, addresses the gathered. [18:30]

Part 2 of 4.

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