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ANC, UDF, and COSATU Leaders in Lusaka
June 1989
Duration: 00:22:24

People: Joe Modise, Moses Mayekiso, Harry Gwala, Sydney Fhohisani Mufamadi, Murphy Morobe, Kenneth Kaunda, Joe Slovo, Jacob Zuma, Chris Hani, Alfred Nzo, Thomas Nkobi

Description: Footage of a meeting of ANC, UDF, and COSATU leaders in Lusaka in June 1989. Shots of Harry Gwala, (member SACP and ANC, political prisoner on Robben Island, and leader in KZN Provincial government) and Jacob Zuma (member ANC and MK, political prisoner and exile working underground, former Executive Deputy President of South Africa and current President of the ANC, 2007-). Behind Zuma is Moses Mayekiso, former trade unionist and current businessman. [00:00] Shot of Chris Hani (leader of the SACP, chief of staff of MK, assassinated in 1993) in the crowd. [00:19] Joe Slovo (General Secretary of the South African Communist Party) enters shot. [00:23] Kenneth Kaunda (former Zambian President) leads the delegation; behind him is Alfred Nzo (former ANC secretary in exile). Kaunda greets the gathering. [02:09] Shot of Thomas Nkobi (former ANC treasurer) standing next to Alfred Nzo (in white shirt). [03:00] Footage of Joe Modise, former SA Defense Minister in the pro Democratic regime, singing (white shirt next to camera person). [04:00] Shot of Murphy Morobe (UDF leader) in black jacket. [06:03] Kenneth Kaunda, Alfred Nzo, and Harry Gwala address the assembly. [06:26]