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"We should defend our country"
Athlone, Cape Town
Crossroads, Cape Town
Duration: 00:19:21

People: Winnie Mandela, Howard Marawu, Benjamin Moloise, Peter Sharp

Description: ITN News clips of Muslim funeral in Cape Flats where an unidentified Imam speaks to crowd. Footage of coffin, car barricade, and police and army on guard. [00:42] Segment of mass protest and police clash in Johannesburg. [02:31] Mrs. Pauline Moloise, mother of poet and anti-apartheid activist Benjamin Moloise, walks to prison to see her son's execution for his alleged role in the 1982 murder of a security policeman. She addresses the crowd. Winnie Mandela is present (on left). [03:14] Footage of soldiers playing soccer with kids and police brutality in Johannesburg. Shot of Dr. Wendy Orr, who treated political prisoners. [06:10] Clip of police firing teargas in Crossroads, Cape Town. Police Brigadier Jan Coetzee defends police action against the 'communist onslaught'. [07:32] Segment of security forces firing teargas, smoke, victims of police brutality, and an interview with an unidentified civil rights lawyer in Athlone, Cape Town. [09:02] Clips of a mass funeral in Crossroads, coffins of victims, and the procession to the cemetery, led by religious ministers, including Reverend Howard Marawu (on the left). [10:55]