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Fighting for land
Crossroads, Cape Town
Duration: 00:22:09

People: Helen Suzman

Description: Footage of shacks on fire in Nyanga Bush, where people were fighting with Crossroads residents for land; suspicions were that police instigated these divisions. Shots of army patrol. [00:00] View of the squatters’ camp in Crossroads and the damage and remains after the conflict. [03:23] Images of a tent-town in Khayelitsha, residents, and children. [12:48] Veteran opposition party leader, Helen Suzman, speaks to press explaining the violent situation in Crossroads and why people came from rural areas to Cape Town. Police are highly visible, including next to Parliament Building. [15:06] Group of female protesters from Crossroads kneel down to pray next to parliament to protest poor housing and forced removals. They are addressed by government officials. [19:07]