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Siyaya: UDF West Coast Launch
Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town
Lansdown, Cape Town
c. 1983

Duration: 00:21:28

People: Popo Molefe, Steve Tshwete, Dorothy Zihlangu, Frank Chikane, Trevor Manuel

Organizations: United Democratic Front (UDF), United Women's Organization (UWO)

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Footage of the UDF West Coast Launch in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. Clips of resolutions being read and crowd singing in Xhosa, "Siyaya Noba Kubi," or "We will go forth regardless." [00:06] Speakers include: Frank Chikane (Member National Executive Committee, former ANC Director-General in the office of the Deputy President, Director-General in office of the President 1999 - ), Trevor Manuel (Minister of Finance 1996 - ), Mrs. Dorothy Zihlangu of the United Woman's Organization, and Steve Tshwete (former Minister of Sport and Recreation and Minister of Safety and Security). Popo Molefe is also present. [00:50] Footage of the Kelvin Footwear factory in Lansdown. [19:02]